For push pull recovery from large A/C

  • Eco Saver R1400 is an ideal machine for refrigerant recovery from large or small A/C systems,
  • Centrifugal chillers and high pressure refrigeration installations.
  • Also for moving refrigerant from small to larger tanks.



Product Eco Saver R1400
Applicable Refrigerant R12, R22, R500, R502, R114, R124, R134a, R403B, R404A, R407C,
R407D, R412A, R413A, R417A, R422A, R422D, R423A, R507A, R509A
Recovery Method Compressed vapor recovery / Push- pull
Voltage made to order
Compressor 2250W 2 piston open drive (oil in) compressor
Weight 124.7kg
Operating Temperature Limit 0 ~ 40°C
Ultimate Vacuum Auto stop : - 0.044MPa ( - 330mmHg)
Manual stop : Max - 0.098MPa ( - 735mmHg)
Applicable Cylinder

Float detection : Cylinder with sensor (3/4" port 120L)
Mass weighing : Cylinder when using Limit scale (120L)

Standard Accessories Charging hose 3/4" 6m, Charging hose 3/4" 3m×2, 3/4" ball valve×4,
Safety Cable, Filter dryer, Adapter for water cooling condenser×2,
Adapter for different diameter 3/4"female×1/4" male× 3,
Adater for different diameter 1/4" female ×3/4" male×3,
3/4"Flare swivel, R1400 filter 3/4"×3/4"