For Low Pressure (Air)

  • Just push the plug into the socket for simple and secure connection. This reduces connection time and improves efficiency.
  • New valve design for low pressure loss to achieve flow rate increase (15% up over the conventional model). End-face seal is achieved when connected.
  • Low connection resistance allows easier connection/disconnection. No seal damage caused by exhausted lubricant is observed and the handling is superior to external O-ring design. Available only with steel body. Not suitable for water or oil.
  • Tube Fitter type is available for push-to-connect operation.



Simple and secure push-to-connect
type! Big flow rate!
End-face seal design.
Gives excellent handling touch.

Pressure - Flow Characteristics
• Fluid : Air | • Temperature : Room temperature

Nitto Kohki, Nitto Kohki Indonesia
Flow Directions

  • Interchangeable with Hi Cupla Models 20, 30 and 40.
  • Interchangeable with each corresponding Hi Cupla Series models.

A : Air Pipping, B : With Pneumatic Tools