Lightweight plastic coupling with automatic safety lock for air line applications

  • Pressure ratings comparable to steel Cuplas.
  • A built-in "automatic lock mechanism" to lock the sleeve when connected, thus prevents accidental disconnection.
  • Just push plug into socket for simple connection.
  • Can be used for air and water.
  • Less likely to damage painted or easily dented surfaces than metal couplings.
  • Air flows in either direction from plug or from socket side when coupled.
  • Plug and socket with hose guard nut are also available (see the pages of NK Cupla Hose / NK Cupla Cpil Hose for details).



Body Material
Engineering plastics (PBT, POM)
Size Thread and Hose Barb
1/4", 3/8" / 1/4", 3/8"
PN type, SN type
(PNG type, SNG type)
For ø5 mm x ø8 mm, ø6 mm x ø9 mm, ø6.5 mm x ø10 mm,
ø8 mm x ø12 mm, ø8.5 mm x ø12.5 mm polyurethane hose
T Type
HA-T type • Inlet : 20P-PLA • Outlet : HA-65S x 2
Working Pressure MPa
1.5 / 1.0 for Model HA-T
15 / 10 for Model HA-T
15 / 10 for Model HA-T
218 / 145 for Model HA-T
Seal material Working temperature range
Seal Material
Working Temperature Range
Nitrile rubber
-20°C to +60°C
Standard material